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Spell Checking

With Aakhor's rich dataset, Spell Checking through your writing becomes a breeze. Select the intended words from the list of suggestions to make your content error-free.


Aakhor's AI powered keyboard converts Assamese words written in English alphabet to Assamese alphabet, giving you the flexibility to write in English to output Assamese. That means you don't need to learn a keyboard software to write Assamese! Additionally, Aakhor's keyboard always predicts words with correct spellings.

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aakhor dictionary feature


Don't know the meaning of a word? Aakhor's integrated dictionary will get you just that. The integrated dictionary has 50,000+ word meanings to meet your needs.

Note Saving

Aakhor's note saving feature lets you save your notes in cloud and edit, save and share them anytime you want.

aakhor note saving feature
aakhor dictionary feature

Voice typing

Coming soon...Aakhor will automatically type what you say.