Easy Assamese

Do you find Assamese typing too hard , too slow or make spelling mistakes?

Aakhor AI lets you write Assamese blazing fast and check spelling quickly. You type "namaskar" to write নমস্কাৰ.

With Aakhor,
you don't have to

have prior typing experience

invest time to learn typing

be a linguistic expert

Aakhor Example screenshot

Integrated spellchecker

  • Select a word
  • Get a list of spellchecker suggestions
  • Replace word with a click
Aakhor Example screenshot

Integrated dictionary

  • Select a word
  • Get a list of suggestions
  • If the word exists in our dictionary, the first suggestion will show the meaning
Aakhor Example screenshot

Why Aakhor

Trained on 1.6 million Assamese words, Aakhor AI keyboard lets you type blazing fast,even with zero typing experience.

Write faster

Aakhor's AI powered keyboard converts Assamese words written in English to Assamese, That means you don't need to learn a keyboard software to write Assamese!

Cross platform and browser based

Write using Aakhor in Windows, Mac and web browsers. Register and log in to the dashboard.

Get word predictions

Aakhor suggests you multiple suggestions while typing, and you can instantly select what's needed.

Two types of keyboard

Aakhor has a Phonetic keyboard along with the AI keyboard. Press ESCAPE / WINDOWS+SPACE keys to switch keyboard.

Unicode system

Aakhor's keyboard runs on unicode, making writing compatible with the ecosystem. It supports unicode fonts.


Fast Assamese typing should be for everyone

Start using today. Download for Windows and Mac or use our browser based editor.

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